International Baccalaureate

The International Baccalaureate stands for life-long learning. This applies not only for IB teachers, but also to coordinators, and heads of schools. In the Africa, Europe, and Middle East region it provides a a variety of Professional Development opportunities. The Blended model is the newest in a range of high-quality training methods. Blended learning is the thoughtful combination of classroom face-to-face learning experiences with online learning experiences. It combines the strengths of both learning methods.
The IB uses a unique peer-to-peer model for professional development. Experienced IB practitioners are trained to serve as workshop leaders because they truly understand the challenges of implementing and developing IB programmes in schools.

IB workshop leaders integrate adult learning methodologies throughout the workshops. Whilst essential programme information is delivered within the workshops, participants enjoy active learning experiences that feature group activities, discussion, problem- solving and sharing of best practice.
International Baccalaureate

What forms of professional development do offered?
  • Regional workshops: These events bring together teachers from across the region. They are a unique opportunity for teachers to exchange best practice, develop their networking, and enhance their IB knowledge from experienced workshop leaders in a dedicated place and time.
  • In-schools workshops: In-School workshops are designed around the specific needs for the ongoing professional development of your school community.
  • On-line workshops: IB online professional development workshops have been developed to complement regional face-to-face workshops, widening access for teachers from all IB regions.
  • Cluster Events: Cluster Events are a Professional Development training opportunity officially recognized by the IB designed to train educators on a specific IB programme at a Host School’s premises. Cluster events are being offered to accommodate gaps within the AEM region where our current PD offerings do not fully meet schools needs. It is important that all Cluster requests consider a minimum of 2 participating schools involved in the event.
  • Workshop Language: If a workshop is given in any other language than in one of the three IB official languages, the following applies: Informal language during discussion will be in the advertised Language; All IB documents, including guides, other IB publications and QA surveys will be available in English, French or Spanish only Student samples to be provided, if available, in the advertised language.
  • IB Educator Network (IBEN) training opportunities: The IB is continually looking for more educators to carry out the various IB-related tasks the organization is responsible for.
  • IB Association of IB World Schools: Colleges, universities, governmental agencies and non-profit organizations.
Analysis of the feedback shows a consistently high level of satisfaction with the IB PD experience across the regions. 88.6% of participants say that they are satisfied or very satisfied with the quality of workshops they attended, that the workshops meet their expectations (83.5%) and that they have successfully used resources discussed/shared at the workshop (96.5%). We are constantly striving to make service improvements.