The Organising Committee

This Committee is responsible for organising the Forum in the broadest sense of the term. It is responsible for the Forum’s structure and contents and the design of all its organisational aspects.


Dra. Mercè Gisbert Cervera, Research group ARGET. URV

  • Dra. Mar Camacho, Research group ARGET. URV
  • Dr. Jose Cela, Research group ARGET. URV
  • Dra. Janaina M. de Oliveira, Research group ARGET. URV
  • Dr. Jordi Duch, Research group ALEPHSYS. URV
  • Sr. Francesc Esteve, Research group ARGET. URV
  • Sra. Vanessa Esteve, Research group ARGET. URV
  • Sra. Eliana Gallardo, Research group ARGET. URV
  • Dr. Juan González, Research group ARGET. URV
  • Dr. Josep Holgado , Research group ARGET. URV
  • Sr. Jose Luis Lázaro, Research group ARGET. URV
  • Sr. Javier Legarreta, Educational Resources Unit. URV
  • Dr. Luis Marqués, Research group ARGET. URV
  • Sr. Ramón Martí, UPCnet
  • Dr. Ramón Palau, Research group ARGET. URV
  • Dr. Robert Rallo, Research group BIOCENIT. URV
  • Sr. Julià Vicens, Research group ARGET. URV
Technical Secretariat. URV Foundation
  • Sra. Charo Romano
  • Sra. Raquel Rabassa
  • Sra. Gemma Sánchez

The Scientific Committee

This committee is made up of members of the Catalonia group and the International group. It is responsible for:

  • Defining the process for selecting the best experiences in Education and Technology from Catalonia and around the world.
  • Drafting a coordinated framework document to outline the contents of the thematic line for which it is responsible.
  • Driving and energising the activity to be generated on the online Forum during the months leading up to the onsite Forum.
  • Coordinating the process for defining proposals on Education and Technology for Catalonia for the next ten years.
Catalonia group:
  • Dr. Joaquín Gairín, Autonomous University of Barcelona
  • Dr. Marta Marimon, University of Vic
  • Dr. Antonio Bartolomé, University of Barcelona
  • Dr. Miquel Angel Prats, Ramon Llull University
  • Dr. Robert Rallo, Rovira i Virgili University
  • Dr. Mercè Gisbert, Rovira i Virgili University
  • Dr. Albert Sangrà, Open University of Catalonia
  • Dr. Xavier Carrera, University of Lleida
  • Dra. Meritxell Estebanell, University of Girona
  • Dr. Joan Ferrés, Pompeu Fabra University
  • Dr. Frederic Guerrero-Solé, Pompeu Fabra University
International group:
  • Dr. Francesc Pedrò, UNESCO, France
  • Dr. Jabari Mahiri, University of California, Berkely, USA
  • Dr. Mark Bullen, Commonwealth of Learning, Canada
  • Dr. Karl Steffens, Universitat zu Köln, Germany
  • Dr. Pedro Hepp, Tecnología, Integración y Desarrollo, Chile
  • Dr. Pere Estupinyà, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
  • Dr. Francesc Giralt, Rovira i Virgili University, Spain
  • Dr. Don Olcott, University of Maryland College, USA
  • Dr. Juan Carlos Tedesco, Instituto Internacional de Planificación de la Educación en Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Dr. Andreu Veà, Internet Society, USA
  • Sra. Cristina Yañez de Aldecoa, Andorra University, Andorra